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The normal full package is called INET TCP/IP and includes 4 different terminal emulators as well as the facility to run on DOS or 16 bit Windows workstations. The Winet VT&Apps (32) sub-package includes only the VT-family of terminal emulators and printing services as well as FTP.

For pricing contact Sales or visit our other website, Inet/Winet Terminal Emulator.

Software Assurance / upgrades

INET offers one of the most economic support and upgrade packages in the industry. All of our clients are impressed with the speed and type of support that we supply.

Software Assurance (support and upgrades) for the initial 12 months is included. Future Software Assurance is available at 15% of the price of your licence per annum or will be free for those years in which you expand the number of users by at least 25% per annum.

The maintenance entitles you to:

1. All the latest upgrades and bug fixes.
2. Telephonic, e-mail and Internet support.
3. Notification of new releases and bug fixes via e-mail.
4. Fixing of all reported and acknowledged bugs.
5. Bulk discount on purchases of additional Inet licences.
6. The right to request enhancements; which will be implemented if we deem them to be general improvements to the product.
7. Option to upgrade to the remote management facility, IRMA.
8. Direct support on scripts and COM/Automation development.



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